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Property management software. Available as desktop software for Windows or as a Web-based application.
Propensa is the center of action for real estate professionals. Track your day-to-day activities, collaborate with other real estate professionals, determine most appropriate next steps, and keep your clients informed - automatically.
My Epistles is your own online community that includes only the people you invite. You and the other members of your community can share your lives together in a way you've likely never experienced before. Think of it like a self-generating newsletter for your group, whether it's your family, your friends, your schoolmates, or any other circle of people you'd like to define. It's your own little place on the Web where you and your favorite people come together.
Debt Elimination Planner
Debt Elimination Planner is guaranteed to help you pay off your debts as efficiently as possible. Just enter all your debts into the system and let it tell you how much to pay on each debt. It will even send monthly reminders to make sure you stay on track.
And iQuote
And iQuote is an application for the iPhone that offers a large library of famous quotations. It is available exclusively through the Apple App Store.